<h1>MUAY THAI 1</h1> In this class, students will be introduced to the art of Muay Thai. The focus is on
            proper stances, movement,
            defensive tactics, basic and
            intermediate striking skills.
            This class involves controlled
            contact where you will gain a
            strong foundation in Muay Thai
            skills while challenging and
            increasing your fitness level.
            This class is a prerequisite for
            Muay Thai 2.


 <h1 >MUAY THAI 2</h1>The Muay Thai 1 class is a
            prerequisite to taking Muay Thai
            2. In our Muay Thai 2 class,
            students will be instructed in
            intermediate and advanced
            Muay Thai techniques and
            fighting strategies. Classes will
            include pad-training, contact
            drills, heavy bag training,
            clinching, specific fighting
            techniques and fighting
            strategies. In this class, you will
            be exposed to and trained in all
            the weapons of Muay Thai.


 <h1 >BOXING</h1>  In this class, you will not only learn how to use your fists but you will also learn strategy, defense, diversions, and instinct. Boxing improves fitness by building aerobic and
            anaerobic strength, speed and agility, muscular and physical endurance, while also pushing you to endure the strong mental components that this sport requires. This class also requires skill and heart. It’s said that the formula for boxing is: thought + skill + preparation + heart = performance.
            You will be engaged and motivated learning an art, while at the same time, getting in the best shape of your life.


            This class provides a progressive
            structured program that will
            move you through a series
            of intervals on and off the
            equipment, incorporating
            kettlebells, dumbbells, and body
            weight exercises. These classes
            will fire up your metabolism,
            challenging your anaerobic
            capacity using multi-functional
            directional, explosive, strength
            and agility movements to shock
            your body and to push anyone to
            their limits.
            Be prepared to be surprised
            every time you come to class
            as we are constantly switching
            up the movements to shock
            your body and keep you burning
            calories well beyond the end of


 <h1>YOUTH PROGRAM</h1>Fun and skill filled class for 7-15 year olds. Students are taught beginner to intermediate level skills in this class through training on heavy bags, with partners on thai pads and simulated light contact exercises in a fun, safe environment which encourages respect, discipline and confidence. No previous experience required.


 <h1>ABOUT MUAY THAI</h1> Known as the art of eight limbs
            because it uses fists, elbows,
            knees, and kicking, Muay Thai
            or Thai boxing is a martial art
            that originated in Thailand more
            than 800 years ago. Muay Thai
            was developed as a form of
            close-combat that used the
            entire body as a weapon. It is a
            centuries-old mandatory training
            as part of the Thai military. The
            military trained soldiers in the
            art of Muay Thai for efficient
            hand-to-hand combat for the
            wars against the Burmese,
            Cambodians, and others. Muay
            Thai uses stand-up striking
            along with various clinching
            techniques. This physical and
            mental discipline of Muay
            Thai became widespread
            internationally in the past
            50 years, when practitioners
            defeated renowned competitors
            of other martial arts.
            Today, Muay Thai has become
            increasingly popular around
            the world for men and women
            because of the physicality and
            discipline it requires.
            No shoes or socks are required
            for training. The gym floor
            is covered in thick mats for
            training and is diligently cleaned
            and vacuumed on a regular
            basis. We encourage you to
            explore the art of Muay Thai
            here at Jay's Training Grounds
            and hope that you join our ever
            growing Muay Thai family.